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RSP Technology

Metaalpark 2
9936 BV Delfzijl
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31-(0)596 632 300
Fax: +31-(0)596 632 678



RSP Technology - Aluminium Super Alloys

RSP Technology produces and develops aluminum superalloys.

Because of the ultra-rapid cooling technology (> 1.000.000º C per sec.) the liquid metal "freezes" and a new super-strong alloy with a very fine homogeneous microstructure is created.

The melt-spinning production method developed by RSP Technology forms the basis for unique and superior materials which provide the ultimate solution for lightweight high-end applications in the aerospace, optics, precision equipment, racing, electronics, medical and automotive industries.

This process, known as the Rapid Solidification Process (RSP), provides for a wide scope in alloying and produces a material with unique properties. With the advantage of the short production cycle, RSP Technology presents itself as the partner par excellence in the production of materials and the development of alloys.