Meltspinning process

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RSP Production Method

During the meltspinning process, liquid (molten) aluminum (800˚C) is poured onto a fast-rotating copper wheel. Almost instantaneously an unbroken metal ribbon is formed at 20˚C (room temperature), in fact, the material "freezes" (solidifies) in the same shape as it was in its liquid state. In this way the homogeneous crystalline structure of the aluminium alloy is stored in the material. The term 'Rapid Solidification' originates from the sudden drop in temperature of about 1.000.000 ˚C per second (converted) as the aluminium comes in contact with the wheel. The ribbon is cut into small pieces and via a few production steps transformed into a machinable product. Depending on the type of alloy required, a special heat treatment may be applied.


Production method